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This page provides an index to DementiaBank data.

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Corpus................... Description Contributor
English Holland Two individuals with Alzheimer's disease -- language tasks from a Telerounds presentation. Audrey Holland
English Kempler Six individuals with Alzheimer's disease -- conversation and Cookie Theft picture descriptions. Dan Kempler
English Lanzi Six individuals with mild neurocognitive disorder -- semi-structured interviews 1.5 years after group external memory aid treatment. Alyssa Lanzi
English Pitt Dementia and control data for four language tasks -- Cookie Theft, verbal fluency, sentence construction, story recall -- from a large longitudinal study. Francois Boller and James Becker
English PPA DePaul Primary Progressive Aphasia longitudinal data -- 1 participant Roxanne DePaul
English PPA Hopkins Primary Progressive Aphasia data Argye Hillis
German PPA Primary Progressive Aphasia data Fedor Jalvingh
Mandarin_Lu Dementia data -- 52 participants. Ching-ching Lu
Spanish PerLA Dementia data -- 21 individuals with Alzheimer's disease. José Luis Mantero and Beatriz Gallardo-Pauls
Taiwanese_Lu Dementia data -- 16 participants. Ching-ching Lu