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This page provides an index to DementiaBank data. Signed contribution forms are available here .

You can also browse the DementiaBank database online from this link.

Corpus................... Description Media Contributor...................
English Protocol Data
Baycrest DementiaBank Protocol data -- MCI,AD audio Jed Meltzer
Delaware DementiaBank Protocol data -- MCI, Controls audio Alyssa Lanzi
English Non-Protocol Data
Holland Two individuals with Alzheimer's disease -- language tasks from a Telerounds presentation video Audrey Holland
Kempler Six individuals with Alzheimer's disease -- conversation and Cookie Theft picture descriptions audio Dan Kempler
Lanzi Six individuals with mild neurocognitive disorder -- s emi-structured interviews 1.5 years after group external memory aid treatment audio Alyssa Lanzi
Lu Cookie Theft picture descriptions from controls (n=16) and individuals with dementia (n=26) audio Maximillian Lu
Pitt Dementia and control data for four language tasks -- Cookie Theft, verbal fluency, sentence construction, story recall -- from a large longitudinal study. audio Francois Boller and James Becker
VAS voice-activated system (Alexa) audio, protected Xiaohui Liang
WLS Control data -- Cookie Theft, letter and category fluency, word recall, similarities, digit ordering task, number series task -- from a large longitudinal study audio Carol Roan
English PPA Protocol Data
Baycrest-PPA DementiaBank Protocol data audio Jed Meltzer
English PPA Non-Protocol Data
DePaul Primary Progressive Aphasia longitudinal data -- 1 participant audio Roxanne DePaul
Hopkins Primary Progressive Aphasia data audio Argye Hillis
Menn Primary Progressive Aphasia case study video Lise Menn
Jalvingh Primary Progressive Aphasia data audio Fedor Jalvingh
Lu Dementia data -- 52 participants. audio Ching-ching Lu
Ye 43 Parkinson MCI participabts audio Zheng Ye
Ivanova 74 AD, 197 HC. 90 MCI audio, no transcripts yet Olga Ivanova
PerLA Dementia data -- 21 individuals with Alzheimer's disease. - José Luis Mantero and Beatriz Gallardo-Pauls
Lu Dementia data -- 16 participants. audio Ching-ching Lu