DementiaBank English PPA DePaul Corpus

Roxanne DePaul
Communication Sciences & Disorders
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Participants: 1
Type of Study: Longitudinal
Location: USA
Media type: audio, video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5ZH5T

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Project Description

Discourse samples were collected from a 66-year old female participant (DOB March 21, 1950) with semantic PPA. She was a participant in the aphasia group program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She was diagnosed with PPA by a neurologist in 2013, and reported worsening symptoms in 2015. Prior to the diagnosis, she had worked as a high school math teacher. The samples were collected by a graduate student clinician. The first sample (November 2016) is audio only, the second sample (January 2017) is video. WAB-R AQ test results (see below) were consistent with Anomic aphasia at both times.

Both data sets include these discourse tasks (from the AphasiaBank discourse protocol):
Section I: Free Speech Samples
a. Stroke story and coping
b. Important event
Section II: Picture Descriptions
a. Broken window
b. Refused umbrella
c. Cat rescue
Section III: Story Narrative
a. Cinderella story

WAB-R Results       Time 1       Time 2
Spontaneous Speech       17       18
Auditory Verbal Comprehension       8.05       8.3
Repetition       9.2       8.2
Naming       2.4       3.5
Aphasia Quotient       73.3       76