DementiaBank Spanish PerLA Corpus

José Luis Pérez Mantero
Filología, Traducción y Comunicación
University of Valencia

Beatriz Gallardo-Paúls
Theory of Languages
University of Valencia

Participants: 21
Type of Study:
Location: Spain
Media type: audio not yet available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5XS4W

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Citation information

Pérez Mantero, J. L. (2012). El déficit lingüístico en personas con demencia de tipo Alzhéimer: breve estado de la cuestión. Pragmalingüística, 20, 220–238.

Pérez Mantero, J. L. (2014). Interacción y predictibilidad: los intercambios conversacionales con hablantes con demencia tipo Alzhéimer. Revista de Investigación Lingüística, 17, 97-118.

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Project Description

The DementiaBank Spanish PerLA Corpus includes 27 transcripts from 21 individual speakers with Alzheimer disease.

Usage Restrictions

Researchers wishing to use the data for research and teaching purposes are asked to include the following statement: “The data used in this research/paper are part of the Clinical Linguistics PERLACH Corpus, and have been contributed to Talkbank by the PerLA Research Group on Clinical Linguistics thanks to the funding provided by the University of Valencia and the Spanish Ministries with competences in Science (MINECO Ref. FFI2012‐39325‐C03‐01)”.

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