DementiaBank English Pitt Corpus

Francois Boller
The George Washington University

James Becker
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
University of Pittsburgh

Participants: 104 controls, 208 dementia, 85 unknown diagnosis
Type of Study: Longitudinal neuropsychological assessments
Location: USA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5CS3J

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Project Description

These transcripts and audio files were gathered as part of a larger protocol administered by the Alzheimer and Related Dementias Study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The original acquisition of the DementiaBank data was supported by NIH grants AG005133 and AG003705 to the University of Pittsburgh. Participants included elderly controls, people with probable and possible Alzheimer’s Disease, and people with other dementia diagnoses. Data were gathered longitudinally, on a yearly basis.

Demographic data and test results from the rest of the protocol that was administered to all participants are included on the Data Spreadsheet for the Pitt Corpus available here. The first tab (readme) provides notes that may help clarify the data in the spreadsheet.

The CHAT transcript ID header tier for the participants (PAR) includes the information listed below.

I. Media and Transcript Database contents

A. Cookie
These are responses to the Cookie Theft stimulus photo for the Control group and the Dementia group.

B. Fluency
These are responses to the Word Fluency task for the Dementia group only.

C. Recall
These are responses to the Story Recall task for the Dementia group only. Two stories were used:

1. George and Melanie -- see Becker, J. T., Boller, F., Saxton, J. & McGonigle-Gibson, K. (1987). Normal rates of forgetting of verbal and non-verbal material in Alzheimer's disease. Cortex, 23, 59-72.

   Just after Thanksgiving George Miller moved in with his son's family. His granddaughter, Melanie, enjoyed listening to the wonderful stories about his childhood in the city. She asked if they could visit the house where he had lived as a child. One Friday, George and Melanie set off on their trip. The streets were crowded and George held Melanie's hand tightly. The little girl was frightened of the noisy streets and, although she did not tell her grandfather, she was pleased to return to the country.

2. Uncle Bill and Johnny (no text available)

D. Sentence
These are responses to the Sentence Construction task for the Dementia group only.

II. Language-related task list from the Alzheimer and Related Dementias Study protocol

Cookie Theft Picture Description

How many…
days in a year?
inches in a foot?
eggs in a dozen?
senators to a state?
ounces in a pound?

Yes/No Questions (from Western Aphasia Battery)
Is your name Smith (Brown, Matthews)?
Do you live in Toronto (Pittsburgh, Windsor)?
Are you a woman (man)?
Are the lights on?
Is the door closed?
Do you eat a banana before you peel it?

Read given sentences

Repeat sentences after investigator
He is fishing with George.
Why don’t you give them some candy?

Word fluency (Timed)
Things that begin with the letter “F”
Things that begin with the letter "S"

Name the item that…
you use to drink coffee/tea.
you use to fix your hair.
you use to tell the time.

What do you do with…
a razor?
a pencil?

Name the word that is being described
A prickly plant in the desert
An item used to hit a tennis ball

How are the following words alike?
Apple/banana (& Are these words names of fruits or animals?)
Coat/suit (& Are these words names of clothing or fruit?)

Name the word that does not belong
Dog, cat, car
Fish, car, train
Boy, door, man

Does this sentence make sense? (If not, tell me why or correct the sentence.)
He drank some coffee.
Where's in the package?
I’m not as tall am I am.

Tell me a short, simple sentence using the given word(s)

Recall a story – Immediate and Delayed and Probe Questions
George and Melanie (see text above in I.C.1.)
Uncle Bill and Johnny (no text available)

Name the item (picture)