TalkBank DementiaBank

These instructions explain how to administer the discourse tasks of the DementiaBank protocol and include the detailed script for examiners to follow.


Start with a preliminary unrecorded conversation for social exchanges, signing consent forms, explaining about filming and recording the session, answering any questions, and so forth.


If your institution requires it, record the following preamble about informed consent, then lead in to the first recorded protocol item (Cookie Theft). If not, go straight to the Cookie Theft.

Investigator: "This participant has signed an informed consent form. These data can be used for ______________ (specify: research, teaching, or any purpose). These data are not to be used for ____________ (specify any restrictions)."

Make sure the participant is looking at the screen that has options to click on Pictures 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Cinderella book. When instructing the participant to click on each picture, be sure NOT to name it (e.g., "Cookie Theft"), but just refer to them by number (e.g., Picture #1)."

Move on next to Cookie Theft (Picture #1)